1. Review your Credit Score and correct any errors. Note: Credit Scores of 720 or more command the best interest rates. Credit Scores of 620+ will enable you to get financing.

2. Prepare a budget and know what monthly payment fits your situation.

3. Identify a profile of the home you want. (How many bedrooms, baths, square feet of living space, # of bays in garage etc.)

4. Identify the house characteristics that are a priority for you and you can not compromise.

5. Plan where the money for the down payment will come from.

6. Contact a mortgage broker or bank to obtain a Loan Approval letter. (Loan Approval Letters are now required for all offers, since the Recession of 2008)

7. Prepare copies of Bank Statements that prove you have funds to support a down payment, cash purchase or earnest money deposit. Always block out the account number.

8. Call Fred Gardner and make an appointment to meet with him.

9. Communicate your new home profile and ask Fred Gardner to create a personally talored report that comes to you by email. He can set it up to update you daily on new listings that fit your requirements.

10. Once you have reviewed the reports and made selections, ask Fred to show you the properties.

11. Select your new home and have the agent prepare a Market Analysis Report.

12. Identify the offer price and terms that you will present.

13. Have your agent submit the offer.
13 Steps to prepare you for your next purchase
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